Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 26 June 2017

Garrison Saitic Egyptian DBA

Slight distraction, very minor!
Short hiatus with the Persians - sorting out a chariot for the general plus a scythed chariot for the late army.  Meanwhile, quickly painted up 24 converted Garrison Saitic Egyptian spearmen, got 12 converted Garrison Egyptian Saitic archers to paint, will actually add a couple of surplus already painted Garrison Saitic light horse archers...

  General's chariot I already have. It's an old conversion... let's see, Airfix Roman horses, Airfix Ancient Brit body built up with card, wheels from a pencil sharpener, crew 3 converted Garrison Greek archers, including Minifigs standard and Lamming shield... Charioteer originally had a whip but I don't think I'll replace it.
 Hide shield pattern has worked better than it did with the Persian levies. The head swap is a bit crude but looks OK at a distance! The figure is based on the Greek medium cavalry figure with feet turned forward and put on a base. The cavalry figure unaltered apart from a base will be used as the Greek component of my late Achaemenid army. Only thing left with this unit is to paint the spear tips.

When setting these out I thought the army has 2 2LH - it only has 1! Base needs to be repainted and I think I'll redo the ostrich plume white.

So most of it already done. I'm doing this army with a green base to match the Persians, etc,  but with 6 elements of 4Sp now done, got the General's chariot and LH, only need a dozen archers to complete it! Should be finished in a couple of days.

Further, it's an unusual and rather pleasing army in that every figure is a conversion.

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