Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Cataplana army Review(ish) 2019

Both Cataplana and Vanha have been neglected recently. However, the current sorting/cataloguing process has again brought them to the fore...
This is the current army including a load of figures  that needs basing.

The basic human element needs beefing up a bit still. There are some unpainted infantry lying around somewhere as well as some Teutonic knight types that could act as a religious order.

Must be about 3 years or so since I bought these. They should have been based by now but soon after bringing them home they were misplaced... and I've just found them again.

I originally thought that the Galo de Barcelos was Gallo de Barcelona - pity, if it was it would have opened the door to Faulty Towers jokes.

Originally I was going to use Garrison griffins but....

These ones work and come ready painted.

On a cruise last year and picked up these somewhere in Spain. The Spanish Inquisition seemed like another useful type - wizards rather than clerics?
So, lots of work to do but admit I really like this army. As a sort of Atlantean type army it predates Christianity by a few thousand years - but then, the Vanha figures aren't exactly in the right time line for Muslims - so really need to find a believable back story for military orders and the Inquisition. Can't see that as a major problem though.

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