Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Some non-Garrison Vanha

Saw these Minifigs on E-Bay and thought 'they would make a good Vanha elite/fanatic/whatever unit. They are down as being from the collection of Stuart Asquith. Actually, years ago I sold a load of my figures to Stuart Asquith, just it was a different Stuart Asquith.
Like the red and black colour scheme - simple but effective. Couple of figures have broken swords, easily hidden.

I'm thinking of basing these as 3Wb - I can then start thinking of religious fanatic 'militias' to counter religious orders on the Cataplan side. I already have a unit of 'Teutonic knights' that can be used for those. When I get things set up I'll have to set them all on the table.

Two different figures - they were bought as two separate lots.
Thought while typing this - would look good used with one of my Genie figures...

Quickly reaches up to shelves above PC, plucks Genie from a shelf, snaps it and inserts in blog - which means, of course, it probably won't be part of the clickable sequence above.