Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Evil Wizards and Fiery Sacrifice...

I wasn't originally going to have the sacrifice, but SS116 Maiden Burning wouldn't have it any other way...

For once I've just posted these unvarnished and unbased - they look better in 'real life' than in photographs anyway and I think that the varnish and base may make it worse.

I'm guessing these figures will find employment in my Stygian army. Once I've got a Stygian army.

SS116. An excellent figure but I might repaint the little demon before I varnish it - the highlighting looks OK on the model, but the photo shows me where I could have done it better.

SS54, Wizard of the Dark Ring. I've given him a pasty vampire/zombie colour to show that he is possessed by demons himself. Likewise the red eyes.

SS56 Priest of Matri. Or not, in this incarnation. 

The followers are just that - Followers of Set, SS57.

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  1. Nice models. My favouites are the followers. Do not know why.....