Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 27 March 2015

Digressions - Dacia

First Dacian warband now completed apart from perhaps touching up bases.

Only two of these were painted by me - the rest were abstracted from the rather  large Celtic force I bought off Harry. Technically listed as Sarmations Dacian would be far more accurate anyway.

These are the two I painted. As far as I know the Dacian officer DA1 was never released by Garrison. The standard bearer is a conversion of DA1 using the hand and standard of the Sarmation cavalry standard bearer which was itself a conversion of the Sarmation cataphract...

Another figure not originally released was this one which will form the Blade elements of the army. The rest of the army will need some archers and light horse - haven't decided yet what to use for them. I do have some early PB Dacian archers lying around somewhere, plus plenty of Celtic cavalry to use.

Technically, the completed Warband has too many elements for a DBA Dacian army, but I felt I had to use what I've got.

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