Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Back on track - catching up

Finished off 3 sets of Fantasy figures that had 'stalled' during my recent digressons.

Firstly, the tigers. I did 5 - 4 to give me 2 bases of beasts, 1 to be used later if I ever get round to the Amazons.

Of course I already had a Djinn but thought it might be useful to have one that fits in with the Turan/Tarun colour scheme. Have to admit I still prefer the original though.

Finally finished these off. First of all I put them on a sand base by mistake and had to paint over it, then I broke the wing off one by over rough handling and had to fix that. Here they are in the pregloss prebased version.

Went to visit my mother for a few days - no internet access but had to do something. So I set up Excel and put down most of the Admins Range (about 300 figures) - then went through the 150 pages hard copy of the mould list and copied them in. So I now have most of the Admins moulds sorted. Don't know why as I doubt I'll be doing anything with them, but it filled in a bit of time.


  1. Great looking figures and maybe the glimmer of a move to admins...

    1. Sorting out the mould situation for Admins really had to be done at some time. Re figures, there are quite a few useful figures in the Ranges - probably about 500 or so - but I would only consider 20 or 30 of them to be really useful.

  2. What sort of chaps are the 20- 30?

  3. Mainly the WS Range plus assorted monsters and props. Anything human the faces are wrong. Actually I have half a Fisher HoTT army and think you could get reasonable looking if quirky and cartoonish Dwarf and Goblin armies. The bombard and organ gun are listed as Admins but really don't belong.