Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Space Tanks - the Garrison ST range

Perhaps a bit crude compared to modern day castings, I admit I like these and some day will field a few more...

Meanwhile, SKT released up to ST7 with several variations of other codes. The total number released was 15 different vehicles - but far more actually existed unreleased. They were officially listed as 1/300th scale.

I don't have photos of everything, in fact, a couple of codes I haven't identified yet, but this picture gives an idea of some of the range.

I started building up my forces a few years ago then stopped - the usual  loss of momentum. Colour scheme is based on German late WW2 camouflage, the figures in the first picture are ST1b, GEV Tank with old style turret.

These would be a scout platoon ST4 Light Scout GEV followed by missile units based on the ST1 chassis.

A couple of ST2 Tracked Heavy Tanks lead an ST8 GEV Heavy Mortar and an ST11 Series Dozer Tank with an ST2 turret.

The buildings are slightly over scale - perhaps better for 10 or 15mm models rather than 6mm - but look OK. They were picked up on a trip to Santorini.

Main failing of this range is the lack of infantry. There aren't any. Still, lots of other 6mm infantry figures on the market so no real problem.

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