Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 17 April 2015

Khitai starter?

One of the things I'm doing is looking at some of my older figures. I came across this long-forgotten group from the 90s. Can't find out who made them - I'd assumed RAFM (Wanders and Warriors Range), but can't find them in the RAFM catalogue, second choice Grenadier but again no luck on my search.

Meanwhile, nicely Oriental, so although not really wizardish I think, with a suitable altar and a bit of touching up paintwork, might do the job as a wizard's grouping.

The downside of looking through the catalogues was 'want it.... want it.... want it....

It also gives me an incentive to find and catalogue a few more of these - I've  got all of the above RAFM range somewhere, the knight with the winged helmet in set 3809 looks quite spectacular. Also, must finish painting  the Chariot of the Apocalypse from the Demons of Darkness range...

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