Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

RAFM Wizards and Clerics

Well, this is the third posting of the day - but seemed more logical than putting everything in one.

I've continued to find more of my old 1990s RAFM figures, some of which will give me some useful command/wizard/cleric stands. One, of course, was the 'Khitai' stand:

These three are probably not on their final bases. The Pharoah type is from the Call of Cthulhu Range set 2937, Cultists.  The others are from the Wanders and Warriors sets, the one with the skull from set 3808, the staff bearer set 3801.

These will be kept together as a group. the monk/cleric at the front is from set 3804. I haven't identified where the two behind him come from - can't find them in the RAFM (or any other) catalogue, square bases show that they're not RAFM anyway.

Still a lot more RAFM of mine to find, plus I've sent off a birthday order that my wife Sandra can give me, also 'found' many of the Grenadier are still available - hard to find as some not in the online catalogue, others renamed/spread all over the place - so at some stage I'll be ordering some of them. I'll also probably get in a stock of some Ral Partha.

RAFM website

Ral Partha website

Grenadier Minatures figures

One problem is I'm finding, buying or casting lots of Chaos/Evil/Good characters, wizards, clerics, monsters, gods and demons but not many rank and file. For humans I can use available armies, but the elves, dwarves and goblins realy need to be sorted!

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