Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 18 April 2015

An eclectic mix of 90s Fantasy figures

There were a couple of periods when I dabbled in arcane areas such as D&D, most of these figures are from that era. Sadly, the figures are a bit the worse for wear and neglected...

A Fantasy Personality Julie Guthrie Enchantress number 854 from Grenadier and  RAFM armoured fighter  from Wanderers and Warriors set 3809. The enchantress looks a lot better than the photo suggests... I wish I had a lot more Julie Guthrie figure, they're really quite nice figures.

These are actually from the 70s - Lamming figures from my first sojourn into D&D. The warrior has a bow so mail rather than plate, 2 handed sword so no shield and a hand ax.

Early homecast from Prince August moulds.  It took a lot of attempts to get a few decent casts!

I have no idea who these pack mules are by...

Nor do I know who made the dire wolves...

Or the dwarves - though the one with the ax may be Irregular. I have a couple of Irregular dwarves mounted on mules or donkeys somewhere, just not sure where.


  1. Nice models, I wonder wht the knoght will do in windy weather????

    1. Depends whether he is called Peter o Paul - as in, 'fly away Peter, fly away Paul.

      Come to a decision. Birthday coming, RAFM order going on my birthday lst.

  2. Nice selection of figures. The second dwarf could be a Denizen figure?