Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wizards and Demons

More distractions...

One of the down sides of people asking for things you've already cast for your own use is that you tend to use them for that instead of painting them yourself... on the other hand, you also find yourself casting 'spares' of other figures or just wanting to use unwanted figures from that mould rather than put them back in the pot.

OK, lots of figures cast - I've just bundled orders together this time rather than 'first come first served' because of overlaps - and lots of spares...

The result is that the Vanha and Stygian infantry will be going elsewhere (tomorrow, Saturday or Monday) while I have lots of wizards and demons going spare.

The monolith and Demon Idol (painted as the demon or as a painted statue of the demon?) are both Admins, the burning sacrifice is my second one - it looks better in 'real life' than the photo. At the moment I haven't decided which of these, or which combinaton of these, to use on the wizard bases.

I used 2 Western style wizards.  One looks more Medieval, the other Celtic, again not sure how I'll be using them. The original intention was to use them on the same base, now I don't think it would work.

I decided on red as a good demonic colour. Two of these fliers have been put on single bases, the third held back for possible use on a wizard's base.

 The flightless demons I'm using as Hordes. I've used a winged demon sans wings as an 'officer'. Again, I held some back as possible extras on a wizards base.

The light shading on the plain red colours doesn't show up very well here - perhaps heavier shading was needed. Still, they look quite effective and used  en masse should both look good and be quick and easy to produce. 

This lot don't have specific armies yet. A Celtic style force is likely using lots of (probably MiniFig) Celtic infantry, possibly a few cavalry, Druid and raised demon flyers and hordes, General to be determined. I started thinking about painting some Celtic chariots  then reality came to my rescue... I already have 5 Stygian, 2 Assyrian and 4 Egyptian chariots half painted... so perhaps not a good idea just yet...


  1. Splendid collection of beasties..are you a Uriah Heep fan, or is the post title just a co-incidence?

    1. Nice albumn but hadn't thought of it so probably coincidence. Perhaps if the demons had been multi coloured? I'm one of those people who tends to like music without remembered who did it - once walked out of a Genesis concert in Liverpool because it was rubbish, a couple of streets down went into a Fairport concert that was magic!