Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ninja in a basket...

... being carried by an ogre.

Some Admins figures are so cartoonish that there's nothing much you can do with them.

Thus Ninja in a basket, AD151:

And presenting Ogre carrying ninja in a basket, AD212:

The first was painted a long time ago and the goblin ninja is sort of fleshy  coloured - I prefer fleshy colours for goblins rather than green. However, I'm quite happy to do greenish goblins as well. Also mud coloured ogres. No attempt at shading here - total paint time for the ogre figure must have been all of 30 seconds. Subtle shading just didn't seem appropriate. The mould itself is flawed - a chunk of rubber broke off the mould between the ninja's head and right arm. Doesn't seem important somehow.

I have no plans yet for this figure. It comes completely under the heading 'a piece of fun'.


  1. The Admin chaps continue to entertain and have a delight all of there own.I am sure you have told us but can I ask again who designed them?
    I do feel that they are worth army building from.

    1. Don't know who designed them. I can recall seeing a designer listed for them somewhere but it isn't on LostMinisWiki or Stunties and I can't find it or remember who. Paul Ashton gave the impression that at least some of them might have been designed by Steve Thompson of SKT. Stylistically they seem to be the result of at least 2 designers, one far more acomplished than the other.

      If this range had been designed to the same standards as the S&S range it would have been the most brilliant range ever!