Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mammoths and Spears

The Vanha component.

The extra 4 spears are finished, as are 2 mammoths.

The spears haven't been mounted on bases yet - my filler has run out so I need more.

 I did find enough filler for the mammoths though. Haven't spent as much time on these as I would normally. That's because the mammoth is a pain - the tusks don't fit very well in their slots so I've had to try and fit them as flush fittings. As a result the joint isn't very strong and if I knock them the tusks fall off. Normally, at the very least there would be some kind of decorative picture on the side of the howdah and probably a yellow line separating the two shades of green.

So, at the moment the 'Near East' Tarun/Turan/etc army  looks like this:

All that is now needed to complete this phase of the army is a unit of Vanha archers. After that? Trouble, armies are like Topsy, there are at least 2 cavalry and 4 infantry units I want beyond this, plus assorted monsters and beasties - must do a unit of tigers...


  1. Nice army, My favourites are the lancers.
    Try pinneng the tusks with wire. For glueing I use the Bondic system.

    1. Could do that, haven't used that method since Airfix cavalry conversions. With metal, as much as anything it's just awkward. Fact is, it's a bit of an unreal situation. In the past things like this I would have considered as very expensive and generally worth masses of time and effort. Today? If it works, great, if not back in the pot, cost - well, just my time. Hence not investing too much on the painting. In most cases, I'll still be using elephants and take more care over them, with these I'll try and handle them carefully, hope for no accidents but consider them as expendible to a degree.

      Which feels weird.