Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 15 April 2016

Carthage - the Numidians

Again, the cavalry have already appeared, and realistically there's not many infantry, so this is a posting more for the sake of completion and keeping the components together.

 The cavalry needed new javelins and I also repainted the shields as cowhide.

 The infantry, on the other  hand, are in their original state. I keep thinking about repainting the shields. It would be an easy job, perhaps someday.

The Gauls have already been covered, likewise the Garrison Carthaginian infantry. And that pretty much covers Carthage. At the moment I've started basing a load of Macedonian phalangites as well as painting and basing a load of Indians.

Slowly getting there!


  1. Nice bunch...I would repaint the shields of the foot spearmen just to let them stand out a bit.

    1. Probably will, not difficult and I keep thinking it would make a big difference.