Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 23 April 2016

My Garrison figures are complaining.

Seems I'm neglecting them badly in favour of those Minifigs ones.

It started with the Egyptians...

Figures left lying around, painted but unbased...

Where are all the chariots? To be told many have now been transferred to provide support for a future Philistine army. And the cavalry couldn't even be bothered to turn up.

Look at those bases - unpainted, not textured.

Pharaoh is not very happy!

Then a bunch of cavalry turned up late and not even painted yet.

Then the Macedonians started. Sure, the Greek part are finished, but what about their Asian brethren, the Pantodapai? Half painted, unbased, poor things milling about all confused.

'Look at me' their commander moaned. 'No shield blazon even. What am I supposed to be? Even the paint I have got is getting chipped.'

I admit, I can see their point. Poor things, last couple of years have been very traumatic for them.

I'm really going to have to do something with them.

Perhaps later.


  1. Don't feel too bad, I have an entire shed full of 25s. I fact I found your blog in the hopes I can motivate myself....) Been doing Colonials, WWI, WII and Sci-fi in
    15mm for the last few years but, 25mm ancient and medieval are my first love having
    started out with WRG 5th addition.

    1. One way of keeping interest going is in having lots of projects, but it does mean that things are left unfinished, usually at awkward points. I've always been a Garrison fan - when I bought Garrison, everything else stopped for a long time, including a Minifigs Egyptian army and an interest in pre-dreadnought battleships. WW2 has always been on-off, hopes of other periods have always foundered on lack of time to do everything.

      At the moment, there is one period where I'm building up stock to get started (Pulp/Lovecraftian) and at least 4 Garrisonarmies still to start...

      So lots to get on with!

    2. With me I did 20 years in the army so was always moving from one place to another (never had time) and bought armies and stored the hopes of getting to them some day...)

    3. An excuse I don't have - it's all down to my being easily distracted.

  2. What an impressive collection, well done sir!

  3. very basic figures, definitely old school, and pleasing because the archers, chariots, cavalry and phalangite masters are all conversions.