Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 27 June 2016

Arkham House Diner

I couldn't make an 'American' town without including a diner, and the cantina was the closest thing there so...

It proved to be an annoying kit - very tight joints, needed a lot of work and still not fully OK. So, decided it would make a good test bed for painting. Thinned down wash of white for the walls and orange on the brickwork. Quite happy with the results - the orange doesn't look any different to unpainted wood on the photos but the 'tinge' of colour is there on the model. Perhaps a second coat in future? The single white coat on the walls gives a nice, quick and suitably neglected effect that seems to fit the overall look I'm after.

So I'm considering the test a reasonable success, and the Arkham House Diner will find a place in Newhaven.


  1. I've eaten at places like that. Usually not by choice..

    1. I wanted a more 50s/60s deserty sort of plastic and aluminium style rather than cantina, but this was all I could find... the UK versions are probably nothing like the US types, and I'll admit to liking bacon/scrambled eggs/mushrooms wrap soused in maple syrup.

      This project has become a monster - I've just ordered Miskatonic University...