Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Developing the town

Quite addictive, this...

As the town takes over more and more - cars done, ships done, quite a few (probably enough) figures done - though still plenty more - the more I keep thinking 'if only the figures and everything were available in 15mm or 20mm, how much closer I could get...'

The whole concept has changed on this - originally, it was based on a seaport, Innsmouth - perhaps if I had found the Innsmouth map first (another one here) - but I will do an Innsmouth 'clone' in the future...

 This shows the whole town as it currently stands looking towards the seaward side. Main Street runs down the centre; on the actual Arkham map the foreground is Hangman's Hill looking towards French Hill in the distance. Main Street itself is really a combination of Main Street and Church Street - one of the many, many compromises... Church Street should have far more churches than this, not really practical.

 Lots of compromise here. The paved area roughly corresponds to West Street. Boundary Street should be between the church and graveyard, the graveyard itself should be wooded, on Hangman's Hill, and extend beyond the houses opposite. The church would represent an area including about three streets of houses... The houses opposite would represent everything south of College Street and west of West Street.

Looking down the Miskatonic towards the port area. River Street is there, had intended this area to be a bit deeper than it is and include a railway plus crane. The park in the middle (to be done) does not exist on the Arkham map but I wanted one.

The current port area. Not sure what will fit in the space next to the warehouse - thinking about it.

 The foreground area is very much a work in progress. The white cutouts represent Miskatonic University - on order with a gatehouse and the main building. West street terminates at Main Street; it should continue with the University to the East of it. I probably will do that. Continuing past the University is the commercial side of town.

This commercial area still under major development - I'll probably think about it once I've done the University. The hills in the background are markers for French Hill. There is scope for more residential buildings in the foreground - might try some old world timber framed types, after all the area would include Lich Street and the Witch House, plus a burying ground.

So still a long way to go. Of course, once the buildings are sorted I'll still need to look at the detailing - street lights, bus shelters, flower beds. Might get it finished this year.

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