Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Park

Finished some of the park buildings...

 In keeping with the rest of the town I'm going with a muted colour scheme. The red is Vallejo Model Colour 926 Red, the green MP 13, deep bronze green - a colour also used, for example, on the warehouse. They have been put on as a single coat, again to help allow the underlying mdf to dull things down a bit. Apart from a couple of bits of od gold the rest of the buildings have been left unpainted.

The bandstand is going to look a bit big for the park... it measures out at about a third of the park's width... but it's quite a nice model. Although it looks as though I've used two different reds here that's just an effect of the underlying mdf colours.

 The public convenience has a few issues - quite awkward to assemble and it's going to be a tight squeeze for anyone to get in -  the screen needs to be 5/6mm further away from the main structure. Lots of cardboard in this one - and could have been easily designed in a way that would have made assembly a lot simpler. The basic shape includes several separate card panels - very difficult to set in place when they could have been done as a single foldable sheet. Still, it looks good and, now it's finished, I like it.

The simplest model of this trio - the ticket kiosk. Easy to build, parts fit together well, paints up well. Not certain how much I'm convinced about it being a kiosk - perhaps an addition of a desk or something.

Need a fence to go round the park, once that's sorted I'll start putting everything together.


  1. I really like the way this is coming together. I'm sure the band stand will look smaller once the band arrives to fill it.

    1. It is shaping up nicely, but lots of fine tuning like the band stand -I'll see how everything fits once the fence is finished, try out a few layouts, then...