Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wargaming Atlantis Part 2 - the Navy

The idea is to have a few basic ships to place on beaches. The general idea uses the the tealight ironclad hull with new sides.

My 'original' planns are in Publisher so I can easily alter the paint scheme. A mast can be easily added if neede - paper sails with pictures downloaded from the internet work well. If I ever want to do sea battles then the templates could be easily downsized - possibly by the simple expedient of printing 2 per page?

These are images of my templates. Haven't tried to see if these images would let someone build the ship, don't see why not and anyone is welcome to try - they're scaled to A4 paper. Use 160gm card and print the hull template on the other side of the card to the decking. Two bottoms because one fits neatly over the other. I don't like fiddly little tabs! This model uses the 'sharp' version of the stern.

 The sides line up so that the start of the forecastle corresponds to end of the parallel portion of the deck/hull.
At some stage I'll do a rewrite of the original Tealight Ironclad article with few extra templates.


  1. So far, basic idea/hull has been used for simple ironclad, merchant ships, the gunboats mentioned under USS Arkham and the trireme here. If need be, it would be easy to produce a medieval cob or warship - for that I'd probably use a rounded prow. I've used it in teaching with kids from 8 to 16. In fact, the trireme itself was first produced as a 'Roman' ship for a year 9 student, the original tealight ironclads being designed for a year 6 student.

    So yes, I'll admit it's one of my better ideas!