Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 8 July 2016

It's how you deal with it... Sarissa update

Re the Manor House, told them about the problem:

Sorry to be voicing dissatisfaction for one of your products - made a dozen or so and said nice things about them - starting with - but I'm afraid one of my latest ones, the Manor House, doesn't come up to scratch. Basically, the parts don't fit - slots are too small for the stubs to go in, and trying trying to force parts into place has just resulted in the thing getting smashed up. Again, I've made buildings from you Old Europe, Gaslamp Alley, City Block and South of the Border ranges and not encountered this.

Their answer:

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the message and sorry to hear of your problem and let’s see if we can sort it for you.

MDF as a sheeted product has a manufacturing tolerance that we are aware of and allow for in our building designs. We also check our batches when received and grade them so that any which are on the thicker side don’t get used for building kits etc. We are only talking about perhaps 0.2mm but it all adds up.

I would suspect in this instance we’ve managed to mix a thicker sheet in with them and thus your having some problem with the kit. As I say we’re talking fractions of mm’s and nothing your eye would see but due to the precision nature of the kits it will have an effect on some components.

We’ve missed todays post but I will get a replacement kit out to you on Monday and if you have any issues or questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I hope this is satisfactory and many thanks for your patience,


Which is how you deal with things, well done Sarissa.