Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 9 July 2016

TT Combat Police Station

A while back one of Armand's posts on TMP led me to TT Combat and I said that was going to try them. My first attempt was the Police Station.

No instructions were given with the kit, but there is a UTube tutorial was put out by a previous purchaser. That video also mentioned that the motto and shield are actually Cornish in origin.

 Firstly, this one really was crying out to be painted. That Art Deco facade is so over the top the paint scheme had to be likewise... happily, the town has a colour scheme already, so  red, green and old gold as previously.

I did use one extra colour - the kick plate and hinges on the door are Vallejo Model Colour 70865 Oily Steel.A couple of areas still need touching up a bit.

How does it compare to Sarissa? They seem to match quite well. Here it is compared to one of the Sarissa City block buildings. Very similar in many ways, though construction has one major difference. Whereas on the Sarissa buildings each wall sits on top of the floor, TT Combat have walls slotting in the side. This means the wall can be 'flat', but does mean that if, like me, you prefer to build up floor by floor to ensure they fit and aren't misaligned, then there is a risk of sticking two floors together.

So, how was the kit? Parts fit together well. Generally they separated from the backing well, though some were not cut through enough - care needed in this operation. Overall, a good kit and, at £11.95 very good value for money. Having said that, you can find it even cheaper.

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