Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 2 July 2016

It's just too big...

Today, spent quite a bit of time making up some Blotz railings to go round the park.  Still some touching up of paintwork to do, but basically got it together and loosely set the park up.

I think it's pretty obvious from these two pictures that the band stand just totally overpowers the scene. With it there, there's not really much room for anything else!

Happily, there are always other possibilities. In this case, putting a town clock into the park rather than in a more central, well, town, position seems to be a bit more balanced. There would be other options - perhaps a fountain? Blotz do one that is still a bit big but could be made to fit. There are lots of resin/metal fountains out there, just a matter of how compatible...

The clock tower, by the way, is the one in Downham Market. There was a Caithness Crystal store in King's Lynn and they used to commission Liliput Lane limited editions. My wife Sandra collected these - very useful as they came out around her birthday - and when I saw this one I bought a 'spare'.  They brought out two different clock towers - I've got a spare for the other one as well, so one will go in the town anyway.

Still waiting for the University to arrive - that's  going goiung to need fences as well, so next order will be to Blotz.

Meanwhile, memo to self - must go through and update some of the labels for these posts...


  1. You're right about it overpowering the park. The Clock looks rather well though. What rules do you intend to use with these?

    1. Basically what I always do - modified DBX. In this case, an individual is an element but the factors will depend on the weapons used at the time. Basic unarmed will count as hordes, police with nightstick blades, handguns as shooters/bow, rifles as artillery with shooter factors, guns on the boats as artillery. Lose your weapon, go back down to horde. Monsters as appropriate. Usually, monsters will appear from the river with a random element thrown in and orders to attack nearest human. Obviously lots of variations but that's basically it.