Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Pulp Fiction - work in progress

This project could take a while to finish, so updates in order.

At the moment I'm just looking at a rough layout - this one being some kind of possibly Americanish seaport. The final product will be a mish mash of US/European architecture dating anywhere between 1920 and 1950.

There will be far more Sarissa buildings. Most of them will not be painted - I like the Lovecraftian sepia look as it is. I've got a church and graveyard still to build.

 On the other hand, this style of building is liable to go. Again, Sarissa do 'standard' houses, so with limited staining of roof tiles these will probably take over.

A view of the Port area. The sea will not finish as big as this - the land board was an off cut I painted up but it's too narrow for the town. Lledo vehicles on the land, one card and one Reviresco-based balsa ship in the background together with a couple of balsa planes. The Lighthouse was picked up at some seaside resort - I forget where.

The freighter at the back is an 'old' one, meanwhile the patrol boat at the front is the basic structure of a new class of gunboat/AS boat/torpedo boat. Basically,  there will be a gun at front of all of them, then either a gun, depth charges or torpedo tubes at the back. Just in case there's somthing lurking on the offshore reef... The blocks forming the current breakwaters are thanks to pinching an idea from Bob Cordery at Wargames Miscellany

Quite a few figures I'm working on, and none quite finished. They're a mix of RAFMReviresco and Old Glory UK. Most of these batches are Old Glory, bought at Partizan recently and are from BMM404 Streets of Chicago set. I'll probably be getting more of these figures - like them.

These four are probably my favourites to date. Painting skills aren't what they were, especially regarding faces, and none are actually finished yet. The three on the right are Old Glory, Mr Brown Suit is a RAFM Student Investigator.

Lledo vehicles are perfect for the job. A lot of them sell individually for around £6-8 including postage: still cheaper than buying wargames kits, but far more than I like to pay - by buying collections I try to pay about £1 a model including postage! Still need the odd one at a higher price, but can still keep the price down - it's a matter of overbuying but paying less!


  1. Tentacular stuff.... I always fancied doing Innsmouth in 1/72 (I managed to complete a Dunwich board). Have you seen this stunning table?

    1. No, hadn't seen that one, though probably saw it at Salute... Like the 18thC figure - perhaps I should see if I can find something - I live just outside King's Lynn, we've got a statue of Captain Vancouver just up from the old Custom House - you may have heard of the Captain, he founded Montreal or somewhere in Canada... should interest Ross... but came from King's Lynn.

      I'm more likely to call any place I finish with Dunwich rather than Innsmouth. There's a real Dunwich just one county up in Suffolk. No similarity to the Lovecraft version though - well, apart from most of it being under the sea...

  2. Replies
    1. Still a long way to go. Just seen a Kickstarter on TMP which looks interesting.