Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sarissa Graveyard 2

Well, managed to get the graveyard finished a bit quicker than expected.

The addition of grass makes a difference - I used Gaugemaster Scenic Mat GM22, Autumn Grass Mat. The large crypt has been glued to the base; the two small tombs I've left loose. Gravestones, etc, are also missing, I'll keep them loose.

The gate and fence posts have been given quite slapdash coats of black and gold. Initially the black was added thinned and I didn't bother ensuring 100% coverage. Some parts were then touched up with better mixed black to give better covering - the result does give a good representation of being partially neglected. 

I also painted some of the detail on the crypt in gold. The effect is quite good.

So, overall an effective piece, but still not happy about the card railings and gates. The gates especially don't give the impression that they are going to last long.