Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 27 June 2016

The fleet's in town

'Gentlemen, I've called this meeting because it has been brought to our attention that there is a serious weakness in our coastal defences. To  overcome this weakness a new series of coastal patrol boats has been commissioned. There will be three variants. These are an anti-submarine vessel, hull numbers assigned 21-29, a torpedo boat, numbers 31-39, and a gunboat numbers 41-49. It is proposed that, at some point in the future, more vessels will be commissioned if the threat developes.'

'Sir, if the threat includes submarines, then surely we will also need squadrons of minesweepers?'

'Ah yes, the threat. Now, as to the exact nature of the threat...'

Found a few guns so finished them off - apart from 1 which still needs the gun. At some stage I may also add a machine or two to them as well, certainly to the gunboat, but that's for the future. Meanwhile, anyone know of a UK manufacturer of 28mm  Lewis guns or similar on naval mounts?

So, the boats are:

 Number 21, US Arkham, ASW/depth charge carrier as already seen. I've tried to match the printed grey with a reasonable grey paint - Valiejo Model Colur 70.990 Light Grey.

Numbers 31 and 32, USS Innsmouth and USS Providence, Torpedo boats - Innsmouth still to receive it's gun. The torpedo tubes are far shorter than they should be, but any longer and it would look ridiculous...The mounts are simply two 5p pieces on top of each other.

Number 46, USS Pickman, gunboat.

All names based on Lovecraft, of course, and at some point I will produce the USS Miskatonic, USS  Dunwich and USS Kingsport. And possibly a USS Newhaven.

I've also painted up a few extra crew members so they aren't quite as undermanned as they were. Still need a couple more officers though. Crews have all now been finished with my usual gloss vrnish.


  1. Will there be a submarine as well?

    1. No, but lots of green scaly things with tentacles and such like.