Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Saitic/Kushite battle

For the next battle I went for a Saitic/Kushte shoot out, with the Kushites including 2 native Egyptian elements. In other words it was DBA army 1/53 versus army 1/46! Again some of the photos weren't very good due to the lighting situation.
The start of  Move 1. The Kushites are on the right, like the Assyrians still putting cavalry and chariots on the right flank with the native Egyptians holding the left. Kushite Spears and Egyptian Blades standard Garrison figures, Cavalry Minifigs as I never got round to doing the Garrison versions.
The armies at the end of Sequence 1 - as it was really the first 3 moves getting into position. Same Saitic army as before but I thought I would swap the positions of the Bow and Light Archer elements this time.
'Move 2' and the Kushite right is starting to draw ahead  as the Saitic left holds back a bit. The Light Archers are not quite as capable of holding Cavalry as Bows are!
Contact. The Saitic General has decided that the light archers facing the Kushite cavalry will be needing help more than the bows do... or perhaps, didn't like his chances where he was...  In retrospect I should have refused the Kushite right flank a bit.
As the Saitic light horse are pushed back and one unit of outnumbered Bows is destroyed, could be right. Meanwhile the Saitic Spears destroyed the Kushite light chariot and light archers managed to push back one of the Kushite cavalry elements.

At the start of Move 4 the Saitic right is not looking very happy! Meanwhile the Saitic General has managed to hit the Kushite cavalry in the flank but as the Kushites made contact with the light archers first it meant the chariot just counts as a flank support.

Sadly, this move the cavalry managed to destroy both light archer elements while on the left the Kushite blades took out the Saitic bows and the light horse - well, they should probably have followed the General instead of charging back in.

So end of Move 4 the Saitic right and left flanks had both been destroyed plus they reached that 4 elements lost/battle lost moment. Swapping the Bows and Light Archers round proved a bad choice.
Again, a shortish but fun game where I thought I'd try a couple of things that didn't quite come off.

The random palm trees again did their job well as Move Markers - it's proving to be a a simple but effective way of visually keeping me straight for sorting the photos!

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