Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 22 May 2023


I didn't do a post on my trip to Salute - watched the Marathon the day after, then spent a few days in Brighton, plus lots of people post about Salute! Partizan, just over an hour from home, prefer it anyway and lots more to say about it!

In fact, Partizan  needs 3 sets of  'reports' - photos of the event, games played and things bought.

Partizan photos:

Lots of random pictures here - I didn't  bother trying to tie names to games or anything, just took a load of pictures:

A participation game with daleks (very nicely painted!)

This one has overtones of Newhaven, even down to having some Sarissa buildings.

Nice fort...


The usual mass of mass battle games

Some games with simplified terrain (that look good)

The usual participation games. This is one I actually  played!

I admit it, some I took photos of so I could get a few ideas for my own setups.

And some that just  looked a bit whimsical.

The games:

I took part in 2 games, Steven 3. And Sandra 1 - an even rarer event than my taking part!

The first game was run by John from Harrogate Wargames Club. Strangely, I didn't take his photo, or the other 2 players! Two teams of two, Steven and I won.

A bit like Gunfight at the OK Corral really. Each player controlled 2 characters and the idea was to take out 2 opposing characters.

Steven chased one of them off by wounding him, Steven lost one of his characters but wounded another character - he ended up writhing on the the ground and I finished him off. Good game, plenty of action.

I didn't take part in Steven's second game involving trench warefare and only came after he had finished.

Nice terrain board. Sadly, Steven lost.

Mainly due to this guy who kept killing Steven's pieces.

The final game was the Great Turkey Shoot. We did this one twice.

Steven and I played the first game. It's meant to be 9 moves long. The idea is that British and French hunting parties are sent out to shoot a turkey for the commander's dinner. First one to find and shoot a turkey wins the game. I got it first move before Steven had a chance to go...

So the game started again, except I pulled out and Sandra played Steven. The other two in the picture are David (sitting) and Mike (standing). They designed the scenario based on the rule set.

This game went for the full 9 moves... The idea was to go into the wooded areas and search for turkeys. However, the problem is that you sometimes find a wolf or bear instead. Which happened a lot and there were casualties...

They did find a few turkeys but kept missing. This kept up until the last move when Steven finally managed to bag one! Good game.
(And as for how long it went on for)

Things bought

OK, didn't spend much at Salute, temptations were greater at Partizan!

The main culprit was Crooked Dice. They have recently brought out a range of figures covering just about every pulp fiction/sf tv/cult movie character you could imagine. It's great fun looking at figures and trying to work out the characters they 'don't' represent! These are not Unit soldiers.

That is not the Tardis and those are not the Doctor, Sarah-Jane and Jo...

Actually I haven't worked out what show these are from. My feeling would be Dr Who as well, but if so I don't remember them. I just liked the figures.

And obviously I had to buy these. Figures in this range are far more expensive than my usual expenditure  but there are a lot more figures I'll be getting from there in future. I could easily have spent several hundred pounds on that stand!

Oh, yeah, bought a few paints and bases as well.

So, overall, a far more expensive and enjoyable convention than Salute - not as crowded for a start!


  1. Looks enjoyable day for all the playing, looking and purchasing !

    1. It was. Even sat outside for a while with an ice cream.

  2. Looks like you had a grand time Rob…
    The Crooked Dice toys are indeed lovely.

    All the best. Aly

    1. They should be banned... such temptations shouldn't be legal...

  3. Great pics Rob, it was a great show!

  4. Nice pictures, thanks! Good that you got into the participation games, and amusing that the 'turkey shoot' turned out not to be exactly, ahem, a turkey shoot.. I was there too, and impressed with the show - sorry did not spot you in the crowd, I would have said hello!

    1. (sorry I forgot to log in, that was me commenting above)

    2. Well, it was a turkey shoot for me... weirdly, didn't bump into anyone I knew!

  5. I enjoyed the show too. A few 28mm figures for 30YW and Napoleonic skirmishing and a fair few 10mm Pendraken figures for the SCW. I usually get a fair number of books too but not so much this time (possibly because it’s not so long since Hammerhead when I got a decent stash). At least the smaller haul from Partizan means ££’s saved for Joy of Six here in Sheffield at the start of July.
    I also enjoyed an ice cream. I would have enjoyed a chip butty too, but the queue for food was too long. A positive spin might be to think of the calories I potentially saved…

    1. The food queue was long at times but cleared quite quickly. First time Sandra has ever found a chicken goujons bun - I settled for sausage. They weren't bad, another area I think Partizan is better. Limited choice, but a lot cheaper, inside the hall and not bad.

  6. Great report (of the many I have yet to read on this show!) Rob. I too like Crooked Dice figures - if I could think of a use for them, I would have bought those female minions years ago! Personally, I think they are James Bond-esque - but you could be right with Dr Who....

    1. A lot of them are new releases. Plenty more to get - starting to regret not getting a few more!

  7. I lost my Partizan virginty at this show, it would've been good to shake hands if I'd known you were there - and say thanks for all the blogging and figures. Thanks.

    1. Silly thing is, my disguise made me one of the easiest people to identify - think Sandra ans I were the only two people walking around wearing masks! Hope you had a good time - Partizan has been my favourite convention for years.