Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 15 December 2014

3 Ancient Scenarios

These ones are unusual but demonstrate my wish to get the best possible use out of anything. Like Tealight Ironclads, these started as something for school - running a wargames club I needed some scenarios and produced these. I then grouped the 3 together with a few extra bits and they were published in MWnumber? - now lost, but probably not a great regret as the proofreading wasn't that good...anyway, these are the original sheets I produced.
 Basically my NK Egyptians against Lamming Assyrians. Clipart I used is also lost. I did the picture for this in two parts - text scanned black and white, picture scanned in colour and put over the black and white version.
 The Ptolemaic army I used for this was one of my oldest armies, Meroitic the newist and included a load of Zulus I picked up at a convention. Zulus made good spears...
 Original picture in colour but would have overlapped the writing so I left it black and white. Irregular Romans v Minifigs Blemmye.

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