Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Battle of the GCSE Ancients

Every now and then you see a post on TMP about using wargames in teaching. Over the years I've run a number of things (including school wargames clubs), sadly these didn't usually get photos taken. However, just after taking over Garrison (and before it was having a major effect on my armies) a student I was taking for GCSE English did a wargames project. Basically, he produced a portfolio of work centred on wargaming and it was entered as part of his coursework. Part of this included fighting a DBA game with another student and writing it up - and this one was illustrated with a number of photos showing the course of the battle.

Apologies for the quality of some of the photos - they were taken several years ago without a tripod or anything.

Armies lined up, Persian versus Egyptian

The Dahae in the foreground are PMD figures. Facing them are converted Egyptian horse archers, the Pharoah in his 4-horse chariot - which has already appeared on this blog - and a Lybian chariot converted from Airfix.

Starting to get serious in the centre, meanwhile Greek mercenaries in the background are bearing down on the weaker Egyptian infantry. These figures were Garrison 20mm.

The Libyan chariot is now dead and the Egyptian right is having a few problems...

The Egyptian infantry have been split...

Allowing the Greeks to overrun the ones left facing them.

A bit blurred, to put it simply - the battle is over, the Persians won and conquered Egypt.

It's worth poiunting out that neither student had ever played a DBA game before - the one doing the project had been collecting Warhammer figures for a while but again hadn't played any battles, so it was even his first!

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  1. Nice after action report.. the figures look great as well.. thanks for sharing.