Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Vile Kush

My philosophy has always been to start with a base army then expand it to cover other possible armies or times. The Kushites started as Egyptian Kushites then aquired figures to take it into the Blemye/Nobades areas. The Kushite army as an entity is all Minifigs, both later IR and EA Ranges, and dates (mainly) from the 90s to early 00s. However, quite a few of the archers were earlier IR Range figures.

I did get about 100-150 assorted Zulu figures at a convention bring-and-buy. About 50 of these were roughly painted up as a start towards the levies needed for later armies - don't know where they are now though. The best way I could describe the paintwork on them is 'very minimum wargames standard.'

Possibly because these were the figures he grew up around this army seems to be my son's favourite in my collection. I admit the bases at least are better than anything I do now!

  Still an army with a bit of growing to do...

  Early cavalry, I use these mainly as Kushite Egyptians

 One of the few times when I appreciated separate shields on later Minifigs - though I still added them to one unit.

  These are the cavalry that extend the Range into the 4th/5th Centry AD. Still quite happy to use them with the earlier ones though

 I think these are mostly EA figures. The close fighting infantry component is a bit short on numbers

Mostly early IR and later EA figures?

I think most of these are early PB Blemyes that have been recycled.


  1. Remember that the best painted units are the first to rout. These have a charm all of their own.

    1. It's quite true that my best wargames units for fighting were not always the best painted. In general, though, I can think of a good reason why the statement could be true in a wargames sense. Wargamers like to start their armie with the best units and rush them into action. By the time that their painting skills have improved and they've stopped rushing they've reached the worst units...

  2. Great looking army, love the infantry...