Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Future VAT issues?

Seen this posted on TMP:

'As things stand, in around 12 month's time, similar regulations may be applied to ALL cross-border sales. So, if you live in Ireland, and order some miniatures from Bill Bloggs 28s, VAT will be chargeable on those minis even if Bill Bloggs has a business with a turnover way below the UK VAT threshold of £81 GBPK.
And Bill Bloggs will have to register for VAT whether he likes it or not, and keep records of all his EU transactions for 10 years, and so on.'

If's that's the case, then whether I like it or not it would end all possibility of any Garrison sales outside the UK from that point.

And possibly inside the UK as well:

"Even worse, they intend to expand the scheme to cover all online shopping, even for physical goods, by January 1st 2016; so this might be one of the last Christmases where you can shop at micro businesses online."

Ain't life wonderful.


  1. I think many small suppliers would just give up - it could be the death of many hobby based enterprises, not just wargaming. Can anti-hobby actually be a political priority?

  2. Sad thing to hear, as this might be the end for some small business in the hobby.
    I know the issue. Here in Germany we also had to establish a proper business licence to keep our small business afloat.