Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 1 December 2014

The chariots of Egypt

Probably better to say 'the Pharoahs of Egypt.' For some reason I seem to have collected a lot of Pharoahs over the years - and these are just the ones in chariots. I've got others on horseback! My chariot forces generally have just grown over the years in completely random and haphazard ways.

Rose Pharoah and chariot, Garrison horses

The chariot body was mostly rebuilt using failed Rose components.

I have 2 of these squadrons, it's just that the second squadron doesn't have a crew yet. Personally, I blame the Government.

Lamming Pharoah's chariot. This is the 'Senior' Pharoah in the army - i.e., the one I did first.

Normally I used to put Lamming horses on other people's chariots. Here, I seem to have done it the other way round.

Later Minifigs chariots. The intention was a Kushite Pharoah plus 2 squadrons, one Kushite, one Egyptian. Sadly, I seem to have only done two demi-squadrons.

The Kushite Pharoah, 1990s Minifigs.

Early Minifigs 'S' Range - can't even remember when I got it! Still, I've got a few more of them now... 9 painted, about the same unpainted.

Late Egyptian/Saitic or similar chariot. Horses Airfix Roman, chariot body card on top of Airfix Ancient British base. Wheels came from a vaguely ECW pencil sharpener cannon - I bought a few of those for chariot use.
Crew are all converted Garrison Greek archers, though the charioteer seems to have lost his whip. Red shield possibly Lamming - pre-buying Garrison - standard Minfigs. Don't think any of it is Lamming.

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  1. Very nice shield is a very Lamming type pose.