Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 30 November 2014

'S' Range Assyrians

The army is missing several units, especially the archery units

On the other hand, I also have another unit of 30 of these lying around somewhere.

Photos from Harry's blog show this to have been a four chariot unit. Must ask him where the other one went.

This figure is the same as the Assyrian cataphracts I have but on a diferent horse. As I only have 8 of the others, I might 'borrow' 4 of these, repaint them and put them on cataphract horses to give me two 12 man units. Then again, I might not. Decisions, decisions.

I'm also allocating a unit of 'S' Range Scythians to this army so it will have a very strong light cavalry component.
This is another part army, several units being 'elsewhere' at the moment. Very strong in heavy infantry, I think it will be needing a lot of help from my other Assyrian contingents as regards chariot strength.


  1. The chariots are particularly nice.

  2. Nice models. My favourites are the horse arcers. Look like they are on a parade before their emperor. great.

  3. I admit that I like that pose for horse archers - see my comment on the Egyptian ones! The old Minifigs chariots always seemed easy to paint.