Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 21 November 2014

Last Greeks for a while? Corinth

With Athens being assigned  the G3s, I still had a load of G2s to sort. I decided that 'Corinth' seemed like good idea - well, they're wearing Corinthian helmets.

There is one slight problem with the group photo. It appears that a bunch of G16s (Boeotian hoplite (for use with phalanx) and pike, Boeotian helmet) managed to sneak into the shot. These interlopers were later evicted and don't appear elsewhere in this post.

Again, the 48 figure unit is one of 'mine', the 3 24 figure units were bought as is.

  Please ignore the G16s. They're just after attention.

Notice 2 different base colours. One set are original 1970-1972 figures, the other set are ones I cast and painted to match. The bases will (probably) get another coat of paint so they match. Oh - I can't remember which set is which.

Bird motif figures painted by me, others not. The last group will need their shields repainted. Can't have loads of Corinthians swanning around carrying Theban shields.

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