Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Rose British Civil War

Curious name for an almost mythical Range.

Though British Civil War is a bit more accurate than English Civil War anyway!

It's a Range that many have doubted the existence of, and personally I've never seen any of the figures. I have been told they were rubbish...

So, proof of existence from a Rose catalogue of about 1973 (or early 74?)


  1. I like the cuirassier. Interesting the horses have no bases.

    1. Rose horses all come in two parts with no base. The exception was the 1 piece Duke of Wellington figure which seems to have gone out of production before rider and 2 part horse figures appeared.

  2. I never knew that Rose did ECW models. THX for the ad...
    The horse holder is a nice figure.
    I wonder if there ever was a maker doing a dragoon trooper mounted with a drum.??

  3. I can vouch for them, I only ordered a small sample batch of which I painted up a few cavalry. They didn't look as good in person as the pictures, the narrow hat brims were particularly dissapointing and they were tiny compared to the opposing minifigs.