Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Garrison Assyrians - mainly converted!

As the title says, mainly conversions.

The army in it's current form was started with a specific objective - enable me to produce an all-Garrison Assyrian 20mm army equivalent to the one used in the Grant Battle of the Apocryphal Well. I also intended to build the chariot force to a reasonable level using Garrison 20mm horses.

OK, the army is a couple of years late and still building, but it's the thought that counts...
The close order infantry. These figures were all converted from the the armoured slinger by replacing the sling with a spear. Shields - I simply bought a couple of packs of HaT Assyrians and used the shields from there. Heavy archers are a paint job on my 'universal' archer figure.

Front rank is the universal archer, second rank the only 'standard' figure, last rank officer and standard bearer conversions. Officer's sword is the spear beaten into shape, the standard was taken from a 25mm standard bearer.

Mostly card chariots, 20mm horses, 25mm chariot wheels and converted crews. The yoke and pole system is the mast from the old Garrison triremes. Background chariots are some very old survivors - as shown by the use of Airfix horses!

My Assyrian cavalry were always based in units of 6 - a policy I am trying to change

More universal archers, just a different paint job. I have 3 finished units of these - one went AWOL for the day. 72 figures mean I have enough to either act as separate units or as supporting psiloi in the same army.

Still plenty of chariots to finish

Likewise, still plenty of cavalry on the painting bench


  1. Beautiful and colored, a great looking army!

  2. Now, these, I like. Always wanted some Assyrians, just for the look.

  3. The riders in the last pictures are one of my most favourite Assyrians figures in my collection. Better than the poses I have from other manufactors.


    1. It's a nice figure, but strangely I always founfd it difficult to paint interest-wise.