Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Monday, 24 November 2014

Lamming Assyrians

The Lammings were one of the nicest couples in wargaming. Bill's figures were a reflection of himself - solid, no nonsense. Well, the later ones were, some of the earlier ones were a bit less solid. He always said that he carved his masters out of solid brass - I can believe that!

As far as Assyrians go, I seem to have lots of different armies, some of which are not exactly fitting to a general scheme. I don't think it would work using my Lamming Assyrians in the same army as my Garrison 20mm - though they would work well with Garrison 25mm figures. My Lamming Assyrians do suffer from a certain confusion re bases. Something else I need to sort then.

Small units, maimly because I spent so much time painting the shield patterns I didn't have time to paint big units. Likewise, the four 4 horse chariots here are actually Minifigs but with Lamming wheels, horses and (mainly) crews - one advantage of buying direct was being able to buy bits separately. I probably have enough unpainted figures around to double this army in size.
 Comparing this picture with the heading picture and you'll notice a couple of missing units. One I just didn't think about, the other isn't Lamming but fits as regards size and build.
 I have at least 3 more of the 2 horse chariots half painted plus another being completed as a 4 horse chariot.

If 2 of the crew of the red/white crested chariot looks a bit small, it's because they are the original Minifigs 'S' Range crew.

I do not want to know how long those shields took to paint - but it was over 30 years ago.
This unit was an experiment in painting a unit a bit quicker.
Yes, OK, the standard...
Think one of these is going to be in trouble when his officer notices that he's lost his spear...


  1. I've never warmed to Laming but then I've only seen them in pictures and sometimes picture don't tell the whole story. They certainly painted up very attractively. The shields are great!

  2. I think you would have liked his Medieval range.