Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hinchliffe Byzantine cavalry

Wandering through Liverpool back in the 70s I went into City Models thinking I'd buy some figures. They didn't have what I wanted so, instead of doing the sensible thing and visiting Doug's shop, I bought some Byzantine cavalry.

So for nearly 40 years this unit has been my entire Byzantine army.


  1. Must admit to having a soft spot for Hinchliffe figures still. If I ever did break with 20mm it would have to be a Gilder "one-off" collection.

    1. I've got quite a few and some are very nice. Others suffer from long arm syndrome and can look a bit strange. I didn't like the metal used, likewise they were very stingy on the base size of the horses.

  2. My Late Roman army which took me to the North American wrg champion game c 1981, was almost all Hinchliffe.