Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 27 November 2014

'S' Range Egyptians

This army, acquired from Harry, is going to take some time to sort.

Two reasons for this. Firstly, the bought elements themselves consist of two different figure versions and have also been painted in different styles by two different people. Next, lots of 'light' infantry figures I need to put together before I can really post photos. Finally, I have quite a few of my 'own' figures that will need to be put in the mix at some point.
The end result is that I'm only putting pictures of some of the figures out, so eventually there will be more.

 Later versions of the 'S' Range spearmen.

 These earlier 'S' Range spearmen have been painted in what can only be described as a unique style. Actually, I like them.

Except for the middle Pharoah's chariot these are early 'S' Range chariots. The body of the Pharoah's chariot is currently of unknown origin.
 I should have taken this photo with the chariots going the other way. There were 2 versions of light archers produced that I know of; this one is not exactly well represented in my armies.

The horse archers are amonst my favourite figures in this army. This could be partly due to the horses being painted in my preferred style.

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