Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Borrow ideas? Me? Lycia

 Many years ago a guy called John Tuckey used to put on massive displays using (mainly) 'S' Range figures. John sold his collection a few years back but I wasn't able to buy any for financial reasons. I was broke. I've corrected the figure issue since then, though many of the figures I've got weren't actually painted by him.

Anyway, I was quite happy to borrow other peoples ideas, and the use of a Garrison Immortal as a Lycian standard bearer was one of his. The other figures are later PB Range Minifigs from the 90s (or late 80s).


  1. Nice paint style.. Are they based aroud the DBx sort?? aka 6cm wide??

    1. I base all my figures for the DBx systems. Older figures such as the 'broken' Immortals are still based for 3rd or 4th Edition WRG.