Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Some of the little people

There was another time when I was tempted by 15mm. Didn't last long, painted some Macedonians, Greeks,Persians and Assyrians then stopped. The figures were mainly Donnington, Essex and Chariot. I think. But don't ask me which were which.

Haven't done any photos of my Assyrians yet, but here are a few of the Macedonians, Greeks and Persians.

The Greeks:
The hoplites
This shield pattern later adorned a unit of 20mm Garrison G3

The Macedonians:
The army
Elephants - the head on this model always looked weird.
 The Persians

Must take some photos of my Persian cavalry as well..





  1. Nice pics. The companions look cool.
    15mm was once my preferred scale back in the days of DBA 1.0

  2. My son prefers 15mm - Mongols, Sung and Japanese. His Japanese got a second prize at Salute one year - went down to enter them in the Junior section, found he was a few months too old, so they went into the Senior section instead. Must take some photos of them - got plenty of his Mongols and Sung.