Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lots of Greeks

Having already shown these:
G3, 'Hoplite with spear, Corinthian helmet crested'

I thought it might be an idea to include some of the others in the Garrison 20mm Range. I'm not showing Spartans, Thebans or Ionians - done them, will do them, part of Persian army. That last point I'll now wreck by including a unit of G2 used as Carians:

G3 used as Carians with Persian officer and 25mm G3 carrying a cock standard.

G2, 'Hoplite (for use with phalanx) with pike, Corinthian type helmet crested'

G16, 'Boeotian hoplite (for use with phalanx) and pike Boeotian helmet' -  these are actually Grant figures.
The next one is one I found with hand cut off at the wrist. I added a spear and released it, don't know if the original was ever releasedbut the description doesn't sound right!

G18, 'Hoplite with thigh and upper arm plates Thracian helmet crested' - don't think so, really, but the code was on the base. The shield pattern is the same pattern I used on my first Minifigs 'S' Range Greek unit and is in my old University colours.


  1. Thanks for finding the follower thingie bob.
    The G2 hopolites reminds me the figures I bought in the Toy Tub in the early 70s,sadly long gone.I wish I had them still...

  2. It's a quirky figure. The spear is quite fragile and the figure itself almost like a flat - looks good as a side view though.

  3. Replies
    1. That's the area I've always concentrated on - really, it's the bit you notice the most on armies as opposed to individuals.