Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Atlantic Egyptians

Currently having a major sort through everything and found these. I don't think they're all there  - at least one red chariot with standard bearer and I also think I had a spears unit with red spears as well. Hard to think that back in the late 70s I looked on this as a cheap army - mainly because a model shop in Chester got rid of all it's stock at ridiculous prices.

Note the lack of charioteers - I just used to add loose figures when required. The figures that came with the chariots formed my archery units.

The horse is a favourite of mine and got used for  lot of other chariots in the past.

 I think this Guard unit started life as Trojans... note my default shield design.

The regular infantry - sure I had another unit of spears

   Regular archers and cavalry - can't remember which Atlantic figure I converted them from, I think one of the 'Red Indian' sets.

  Nubians - note a few from the Airfix Tarzan side hiding in their midst!


  1. These are great, I still have the Sphinx and Pharoah's court somewhere about...must get them out to paint.

    1. Haven't got the Sphinx, but Pharoah's court (I think) provided some of the fan-bearers acting as standard bearers.

  2. beautiful figures... the display of your army looks stunning..great work!

  3. Ohh wow. I had those when I was a child. They were sold here in Germany for around 1 Deutsche Mark when I was a kid....
    Nice to see them again.