Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 20 February 2015

Back to the toy shop

Having put all my eagles and dragons on green bases I really needed something on sand bases for my Eastern Fantasy nations. Back to the toy shop for inspiration and decided on...

 Somehow, a dirty great big vulture seemed a better Roc than using an eagle - it looks more 'Eastern'. It's a bit wide for the base, but really looks evil!

 Likewise, I know Garrison does a neat 2 headed snake but this oversize cobra seemed right to fight on the side of the likes of Stygia. I can just see a Stygian wizard either making a standard cobra grow or produce a magical version. On this one, I decided not to smoothe the filler around the cobra's body as I like the suggestion of it's coils pushing the sand around.

 The scorpion was cheap and fits in well with deserts, so I got a couple of them as well!

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