Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Turan and similar

The Garrison S&S Range is basically Hyborian, so it seems reasonable to build up a small group of Hyborian armies with them. My intention is to have about four basic armies. One will be Aquilonian, one Nimidian, one Stygian and one generic Near East Turanian/etc.

I've already got a few items that can be used as part of this generic army - and I'll use non-Hyborian troop types as well to expand them into other HoTT types as well.

So, what can I use?

Obviously SS68, the mounted Sultan/Vanha mounted swordsman is the figure to use as generals and officers. It's already appeared on this blog but might as well show him again instead of just a link:

I also want to use non-Hyborian figures, two obvious ones being SS17, the Eastern Giant, and the Admins geni, AD223. Just found I don't have a photo of the giant, but the geni looks like this:
I'll also find space for giant birds - well Rocs appear in Arab mythology so why not? Trouble is, I've already put mine on green bases whilst this army will be on sand bases. Also, not sure whether to use eagles - possibly better as Rocs - or the hawks as hawks seem to be a feature of Arab culture. Not big enough to carry an elephant, at least the models are bigger than elephants.
For elephants, I've got one Vanha elephant, but it's not really up to scratch and will need a bit of work doing to it:
The Vanha infantry themselves are liable to form the main component of any infantry force but I haven't done any yet.

The cavalry, on the other hand, are starting to look respectable.

Firstly, don't have a unit of these, but SS46 on a fully armoured horse may be a good unit to build - the horse is Byzantine.
I do, however, have a unit on the 'standard' horse.

These 'standard' heavy cavalry should set the  scene for the army. Shiny, bright block colours and units are element based - 4 elements per unit - rather than figures based. So this unit is looked on as 4 elements rather than 12 cavalrymen. I would probably normally use them as 'knights' under HoTT.

Likewise, the 'light' cavalry - Riders under HoTT though just as heavily armoured as the 'knights.' 2 to a base, 4 base unit rather than 8 figure unit. Again, nice and shiny - technically, the figure isn't as good but it looks good! The horse's face is definitely a bit crude. The horse is also a bit long for the base.

So that's where I am at the moment. cavalry probably enough for now, I need to get some infantry and an elephant or two sorted next.


  1. I love the Turanian range. I only had 1 lancer and he ended up ad an Emir for my Mahdists.

    1. I like both Turanian and Stygian figures - I did get a Stygian army back in the SKT days but only got round to painting one chariot of it. There is a lack of Eastern cavalry - a couple of good Arab types would have been nice, though a couple of the Byzantine range help.

  2. These look fantastic.I love the way the Turanians painted up.....some good ideas for colour schemes there.

    1. To a very (very) limited extent there will be some coding involved. Nemidians black and white as I've done them as Teutonic Knights. Egyptians and Kushites favoured blue so blue and white will be the 'base' colours of the Stygians. The Turanians are Arabic so I'll include green and yellow (or sand, which generally paints up better) quite a bit. However, other colours will be present - probably a bit more blue in my horse archers than I intended but green cloaks and plumes will do.