Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Gods of Egypt

There was this seaside souvenir shop I went in a few years ago. At the back of the shop were some shelves with very unusual seaside souvenirs. Naturally, I bought them all.  Just haven't gotten round to basing them, possibly over the weekend.

I haven't seen any of these particular items since, but at 99p to £1.50 each they seemed like a good buy.

This group will make a good god plus 2 flyers.
 A pack of beasts?
 Not sure what to use these for. They're not winged, so flyer seems wrong, but then so does using them as beasts. The figures would be great 15mm behemoths, not big enough for my 20/25mm models.
 Another group of flyers.


  1. These are fun, though they trouble me since I once had a very bad experience with an Egyptian god. I went to see a late show in the Edinburgh Fringe at a very strange venue called Café Graffitti (which was a disused church) - I saw the excellent Lorraine Bowen with John Shuttleworth, and various other bods, including Antonio Forcione in an early incarnation, and it was all very jolly and arty, but things got stranger as the evening went on. At one point, Anubis (is that him, the god with the jackal's head?) walked through the bar area - I saw him clearly - he was 12 feet tall, accompanied by two dwarves, and I very nearly wet myself (spilt my beer, you understand). The weird thing was that I think everyone else saw him too, but nobody seemed to consider it unusual. The Edinburgh Fringe can be disturbing, but that really gave me a turn, and I've been keeping an eye open for gods ever since.

  2. I can't pretend I've ever had a bad experience with an Egyptian god, but then I've never been to the Edinburgh fringe. This probably explains a lot.