Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Sunday, 22 February 2015

GPC8 Sagartian with lasso

Some of my recent purchases from Minifigs. Actually I bought 12 sans horses - plenty of older Minfigs horses lying around - but frankly this batch was not really of useable quality. Pity, most of my other recent buys from Minifigs have been fine.

Anyway, assuming the Sagartians wouldn't have fielded a full contingent 6 should do until I get round to sorting the rest. On the Persian expedition to Greece they were brigaded with the Persian cavalry so will provide useful LC cover for the Persian heavies.

 It's the lasso proving a problem with this figure - even one of these isn't perfect. The one in the blue tunic third from the right shows the flawed casting - the others were worse!


  1. Nice work. If they were bought new from Minifigs, I should mention the casting defect, the danger being of course they remove the mould from the range altogether.

    1. Not a mould problem, a quality control problem. Easily fixed if I think it's worth the hassle.