Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dragons and Eagles

I don't spent enough time on the Fantasy side, so a few toys to help redress the balance a bit. Toyshops are useful, and as part of my current basing marathon I based the toy dragons and some eagles I bought ages ago.

These two are the biggest so I've put them on 60mmx80mm bases - I think they'll always be fielded as dragons. The one headed dragon is really quite impressive.

That little blue dragon is my favourite. Chances are that the ones on 60mmx60mm bases will usually be fielded as flyers.
I suspect this will be the most used, either as part of or fighting against my Greeks when they are in Fantasy mode... thinking about a couple of 'Atlantis' scenarios. The original Atlantis, not the now cancelled TV series.

The eagles and hawks will be appearing in various Elvic armies. All I have to do is paint them up. And cast them.

Figures have all been based in my current style - buy a tub of filler, mix a load of acrylic paint in it, plaster onto a 2mm MDF base, plonk figure in the wet filler, smooth edges and allow to dry. In theory I should next paint or otherwise adorn the bases properly but I know I'm not going to really.

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  1. It works. If you want to get fancy later you could always either drybrush or put a wash on them.

    I shall have to watch the toy sections more closely, wouldn't mibd some giant eagles and the like.