Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 6 February 2015

'S' Range Assyrians are now based.

This represents all the 'S' Range Assyrians that are ready - I'm still working on the extra chariots, there is at least one other spears unit lying around that I haven't seen for years and I will give them some of the Garrison Assyrian (my generic archers!) archers to act as light infantry.

 The cavalry, including chariots, will probably be expanded in future. They better, I've already stripped the paint off 2 of the recruit chariots.

Likewise, at least 30 extra spearmen lying around somewhere. Also, I prefer units of 24 or 48 rather than 40 or so.

   The lighter component just needs the addition of some light archers.

 The levy will also be expanded in the future.,


  1. These fellows look splendid, nice crisp and new, but still very Old School. Any games coming up?

    1. Tend to only fight solo these days - haven't fought against someone since I took my son to a DBA Tournament in Coventry when he was about 14 - he's in his 30s now! My table is in a cold steel shed where I cast figures - one reason why I kept closing for the winter - so I'll probably start up again when it's warmer - got a few planned.