Assyrian army

Assyrian army

Friday, 8 June 2018

Austro-Hungarian army 1880-1900

So, the most expensive book purchase. Now on pages.

It's not really a book. It's a leprello - basically like those fold out postcard strips you get from Blackpool.

It includes a useful chart (if you can read German.)

Plus lots of uniform colour plates. Again, the full set is on Posts. I gather there are about 220 different uniforms - haven't counted them though.

So, this is a bit of a record - 3 posts and 2 pages sorted in one day!


  1. The Austrian army always remind me of the prisoner of Zenda although obviously they came before the film. A lovely book to own you lucky thing.

    1. One of those rare cases where I was prepared to spend! Usually I tend to do things on the cheap!